Dental Technology

Welcome to the World of Digital Dentistry!

Dr. Guerra and his team use advanced dental technologies and devices instead of traditional mechanical tools. The use of digital dentistry makes procedures more effective and comfortable than ever.

Our dental equipment is safe and always well-maintained. Some of our dental technologies include those listed below.

Digital X-Ray

Digital x-rays magnify the teeth for precision in diagnosis and treatment. This technology allows us to take images of the teeth and quickly display them on a computer screen.

With digital x-rays, we can view your teeth and their surrounding structures with improved accuracy, and gain the information we need to plan your treatment. Digital x-rays require much less radiation than traditional x-rays, and are therefore a safer form of the technology.

Computerized Charted Records

At Guerra Dental Health, we use only paperless charts. We have implemented an electronic records system where our patients’ records are safely stored digitally. Both patients and dental professionals benefit from digital charting. Some of these benefits include:

  • Consistent diagnoses and treatment
  • Efficiency in day-to-day operation
  • Accurate billing
  • Advanced security
  • Easier record transfer

Questions of billing and health history shouldn’t have to be a nightmare. We make things easy for our patients and staff with reliable computerized records.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is roughly the same shape and size as a pen. Its sleek design makes it easy for Dr. Guerra to record images of your teeth, gums, and mouth. This is a valuable resource for diagnosis and treatment planning, and allows the patient to enjoy greater comfort.

The intraoral camera ensures the patient’s health and safety at all times. It also allows your dentist to digitally store your images or print them instantly.

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