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Restore the Smile You’ve Been Missing

At Guerra Dental Health, we provide everything in the fields of cosmetic, general, and restorative dentistry. To complement his advanced dental training and skill set, Dr. Greg Guerra always provides one-on-one attention in a caring dental environment.

Damaged teeth and associated pain can disrupt your daily life. Restorative dentistry can return your teeth to their healthiest state with just a few visits to our office.

Tooth Inlays and Onlays

For broken, chipped, or decayed teeth, Dr. Guerra may suggest an inlay or onlay. Inlays and onlays are types of dental veneers that are placed between the cusps of the back teeth. Inlays and onlays fill in holes or cracks and restore the teeth to their natural strength.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown is a cap that is placed over the existing tooth. This method is well-suited for teeth that are chipped or broken. Dental bridges consist of a series of dental crowns that can fill in gaps left by missing teeth.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding consists of a liquid composite resin application directly to damaged teeth. The bonding is shaded to blend with your teeth’s natural color. Dr. Guerra will cure the bonding and then artistically sculpt and polish the restoration so that you can leave with a stunning new grin.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Long gone are the days of shiny metal fillings! Dr. Guerra uses natural-looking fillings that blend in with the rest of your teeth. Our dental fillings will fortify your smile and restore its even appearance.

The Guerra Dental Health restorative team can help you make the most of your beautiful smile! Dr. Guerra can provide you with comprehensive restorative dentistry services that are specifically catered to your needs. Contact our office to schedule your visit today!