Root Canal Therapy

Protect Your Smile with a Successful Procedure

Root canal treatment is frequently used to save a natural tooth from extraction. When a damaged tooth allows bacteria to enter into the root canal, the soft tissues and nerves can become infected. This infection will cause significant discomfort, so it is important that you seek treatment as soon as possible.

Root canal therapy at Guerra Dental Health will remove the infection, relieve your pain, and save the structure of your natural tooth. Root canal therapy will stabilize your oral health for years to come.

Dr. Guerra understands that some patients may experience dental anxiety when they hear that they need a root canal. Many patients associate root canal therapy with pain, but that shouldn’t be the case! The procedure can be no more painful than a basic dental filling, especially because Dr. Guerra uses a numbing anesthetic and offers dental sedation options.

Remember that your comfort is one of our first priorities, along with quality care. We will give you the one-on-one attention that you deserve, and provide you with the amenities and options you need to feel comfortable during your smile-saving procedure.

What to Expect from a Root Canal

Root canals have a 95% success rate. A root canal is a multi-step procedure performed by our knowledgeable dental experts.

First Visit:

  1. You will visit Dr. Guerra for a comprehensive oral health exam to determine if root canal therapy is the appropriate treatment for you.
  2. Dr. Guerra will explain the process thoroughly to you and help you understand your options and the benefits associated with root canal therapy.

Second Visit:

  1. Your dentist will create a small hole in the tooth, then use a special tool to remove the diseased tissue.
  2. Dr. Guerra will clean out the infected pulp, leaving the tooth hollow and free of disease.
  3. The tooth is cleaned and polished, and temporarily sealed to allow the infection to heal.
  4. Dr. Guerra will take impressions of the tooth for patients who need to rebuild the area with a dental crown.

Third Visit:

  1. Dr. Guerra will ask you about your recovery and make sure everything is healing properly.
  2. He will fill the tooth with a rubbery material called gutta percha to take the place of the pulp and stabilize the tooth.
  3. For many patients, Dr. Guerra will place a customized crown over the tooth to add protection and strength.

We will personalize your root canal process to meet your needs and ensure that your new dental crown will match your smile. We are confident that we can make you feel right at home here at Guerra Dental Health. Contact us today!