What Our Patients Say

I enjoyed the time Dr. Guerra spent explaining things to me and not only the professionalism but also the friendliness of the staff!
– Mrs. Dennie Martinez

I really appreciate Dr. Guerra’s flexibility in handling my problem on the spot.
– Mrs. Marion Stafford

As always, everyone in the office was so friendly and helpful and explained all aspects of the procedure. I especially liked that Dr. Guerra and staff helps my children feel so comfortable, lets me hold their hands during the procedure, and shows them movies. Dr. Guerra is great about showing my children before and after photos with his equipment. My children have been much more concerned about dental hygiene after seeing the “before” photos! My procedure was quick and painless, and the office feel is warm, personal, high tech, and professional without feeling clinical/cold. Plus, when I forgot my iPod, Dr. Guerra hooked me up with Sirius and their fancy headphones.
– Stephanie Newell

I appreciate how I was able to receive an appt in a timely manner.
– Ms. Valerie Bocage

I absolutely appreciate the comprehensive care and personal touch that EACH employee gives! I especially loved looking at the photos! When I am in a room, it truly feels like I am the only patient in the office and that makes me feel great about going. The hugs are my favorite.
– Miss Ashley Folkes

Very kid friendly. I love how personal Mrs. Sandy and Dr. Guerra are with my daughter!
– Mrs. Jill Cody

I love the fact that Dr. Guerra is concerned about the whole person and not just what’s presented in front of him. I appreciate the holistic care and genuine concern. That’s what keeps me coming back and referring others.
– Sharon Major

The most valuable asset this office has is the dentist never seems in a rush to discuss my progress with treatment. He carefully explains everything including all options and costs, and he completely answers my questions
– Scott Schenck

Dr Guerra is friendly, nice and professional. I would highly recommend him. I am very intimidated to speak and ask questions, but your staff gave me such personal treatment. They made me feel like a person and not a number. Everyone was great both in the office and on the phone. Thanks for everything and your kindness
– Ms. Martha Hatch

Everyone was so friendly and willing to help. I was treated like someone special, and they were all so concerned about the welfare of my sick husband. Thank you very much
– Young Moon

I never really likes going to the dentist but Dr. Guerra and his staff really makes the experience extremely bearable and as comfortable as possible. They go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable such as using XM satellite music while you go through your procedure. They provide very personalized individual care. He makes me feel like I am his only patient. His staff is A++ too
– Mr. Mark Soublet

My wife Wendy and I are both delighted that your x-ray system is so quick and comfortable
– Mr. John Neisler

The small blanket offered was a very nice touch!!
– Mrs. Barbara Bieber

This was the first time I used the restroom, and I found it to be spotless! Very Nice..
– Mrs. Beryl Hill

I love you! Thank you so much for taking t he time to explain everything to me about what needs to be done, and most of all, thank you for understanding how much of a chicken I am when it comes to seeing a dentist. You eased my mind
– Miss Mardee Loftus

I love my new front TOOTH, and I did not even have to wait until Christmas!
– Mrs. Helen Owens

The office has a relaxed atmosphere, and I felt like I had your attention. Your equipment is so up to date.
– Lillian Brown

Everyone listened to my concerns and addressed each one to my satisfaction and not for their own convenience.
– Mrs. Eleanor McKeever

Everyone makes you feel welcome, like you are part of a family. It’s Great!
– Mr. Gary Lubag

No pain after my root canal. Doctor, you are very very good!!!
– Mr. Thomas Devitt

The staff is very professional, and they don’t try to make you perform any treatment that you really don’t need.
– Miss Wendy Salas

I love the chapstick in the giftbag!
– Ms. Dashka Roth

I’ve never met a more attentive, involved staff! Almost like my own family!
– Ms. Bernadine Wagner

I love the war stories Dr. Guerra tells!
– Mr. Rodney Williams, Sr.

Everyone who walks through the door is treated with kindness.
– Mrs. Lois Trotter

I love listening to music while the doctor is working
– David Hipolito

Every time I visit a dentist office I am afraid. The staff at this office made me very comfortable. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!
– Mrs. Cierra Davis

I enjoyed the kind service. It is apparent that everyone is happy to work at the office.
– Ms. Paige Lacour

Sandy is an excellent hygienist. The visits are very professional.
– Josie Burvant

Great team workmanship between the dentist and assistant.
– Ms. Martha Fisher

The new device that was used to hold my mouth open and suction while the doctor was working eliminated the discomfort of holding my mouth open. The assistant was very personable and made me very comfortable. All of the office staff is always very friendly and efficient.
– Miss Kristi Hanson

Guerra Dental health makes me feel like a person, not a dollar sign.
– Ms. Eather Reynolds

I appreciated the thorough explanation by the doctor before the dental procedure was initiated.
– Mr. Mark Major

I am grateful for the time spent checking with my previous dentist and getting info on the tooth I was having a problem with in order to see what was previously done.
– Ms. Cheryl Cobb

Such a caring and personal staff. I almost like going to the dentist
– Ms. Sophie Aman

Knowing I was a bit under the weather, I appreciate the patience and care shown by the staff.
– Mr. Bill St. John

I always enjoy talking to Loan; it’s like visiting a friend you haven’t seen in a while.
– Ms. Regina Volpe

They know I need my appointments first thing Monday mornings.
– Mr. Sammy Koch

The doctor makes you feel comfortable, and he is really concerned about you as a person. He is concerned about you getting the right treatment plan, so you can have a beautiful smile.
– Ms. Roslyn Smith

I am amazed at how quickly everything was over. Being an adult made no difference to the staff as to how nervous I was. They all took very good care of me and made me feel at ease…And I am not the best dental patient, so KUDOS to Dr. Guerra and his staff!!!!! Thank you
– Mrs. Lanette Thomas

Being VERY NICE must be a requirement to work here.
– David Richardson

Jade always enjoys getting her teeth cleaned by Loan.
– Jade Naquin

I like the combination of high tech and high level of patient care.
– Mrs. Carol Osborne

I have always liked the way Dr. Guerra comes in and hugs his patients. It just gives a more personal touch.
– Mrs. Charlene Devitt

The whole dental staff and doctor are very kind, gentle, and knowledgeable. They also return call when you have questions.
– Mr. Roger Stein

No waiting in the waiting room!!
– Mr. Cliff Flathers

Dr. Guerra is there for you. Your dental health is his concern. He just installed two crowns that fit like my original teeth. I didn’t even have to get used to them. That’s talent.
– Ms. Pamela Ledet

The best group of people ever!
– Georgina G. Masters

The video pictures are great, as is the atmosphere of the place. Everyone is friendly and seems to go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.
– Mr. Chris Barcelona Sr.

The one thing I enjoyed most about my last visit was special time taken with my 4 yr old so he would feel comfortable and wouldn’t be nervous.
– Mrs. Kristy S. Haynen